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  • Ensure you leave walkways throughout your space

  • Keep items you need to access toward the front of the unit

  • Use high quality boxes and containers you can stack

  • Ensure all containers are properly and clearly labeled

  • Store small or fragile items in drawers

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Storage unit

With a little bit of planning and by following these simple tips, anyone can be a self-storage pro! You'll be able to maximize every square foot in your self-storage unit without a problem!

Make the most out of your storage unit!

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Tips for storage

within the unit:

  • Organize your storage space

  • Wrap mirrors and framed pictures in cardboard or bubble wrap

  • Do not stack sharp or very heavy items on top of cushioned furniture

  • Wrap upholstered furniture and mattresses in plastic

  • Pack dishes in strong cardboard boxes

  • Keep a complete inventory of the items in your storage unit somewhere easily accessible

  • Always stack light items on top of heavy items

  • Store furniture such as sofas on end to save space

General packing tips:


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